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Summer patio

Patio is a place where it is cool both in summer heat and homelike in rainy weather. Every year our customers look forward to its opening and get upset when the season is over. Usually the patio opens in the first dates of May and works till autumn.

Patio is located in the inner bailey. Its territory is smothered in greenery and flowers. Calm atmosphere, sounds of a waterfall set our customers for calm pastime. Cabins for 8-10 persons, tables and chairs of natural oak, linen tablecloths and napkins, a little pond with a waterfall and colorful carps create unforgettable sense of summer and freshness. All the guests can use cozy and warm woolen blankets in the cold evenings. It’s a sweet and romantic place for weddings and outdoor marriage registrations. On this purpose patio can be transformed: arbors and tables get united, a special arch is set, and patio is decorated by professional florists and designers.

To lead the ceremony we invite professional show men, actors and musicians. Hotel staff provides elegant table appointments and attentive service for our guests.

Main menu consists of high-class European, Asian and Mediterranean dishes. All kinds of food delivered to our restaurant take special quality control, that’s why we offer only freshly cooked delicious and healthy dishes.

Dishes ordered from grill menu are cooked right in front of you that creates a sense of home and hospitality.